Grappling isn't an Olympic sport but is overseen by the UWW's Grappling Commission ©UWW

United World Wrestling (UWW) has announced a three-year deal with FloGrappling to provide live stream and on-demand coverage of the World Grappling Championships.

The agreement will see FloGrappling cover the annual World Grappling Championships until 2020, including the next edition of the event in Astana in Kazakhstan next month.

The partnership will cover all men’s and women’s events as well as gi and no-gi events.

Gi is the clothing worn by some grapplers, also called a kimono.

The events are separated due to the different techniques and rules that apply to gi and no-gi competitions.

UWW President Nenad Lalovic, also a member of the International Olympic Committee Executive Board, welcomed the deal.

"Grappling is a worldwide phenomenon and we are looking forward to working with FloSports to showcase our style to fans everywhere on," he said.

FloGrappling will live stream the World Grappling Championships ©FloSports
FloGrappling will live stream the World Grappling Championships ©FloSports

“We’re confident FloGrappling’s coverage of the World Grappling Championships will give the sport new energy and attract more athletes and fans.”

The UWW is the international governing body of wrestling and its Grappling Commission oversees the non-Olympic sport of grappling.

The UWW’s Grappling Commission is responsible for setting the rules, organising competitions and awarding host cities for events like the World Grappling Championships.

FloSports has branches that include grappling, rugby, basketball, mixed martial arts, football, gymnastics, hockey and more.

Last year's 2017 World Grappling Championships took place in Baku, Azerbaijan in October, with the 2018 event due to be held in Kazakh capital from September 6 to 9.