Sports Football
Capacity 90,000
Wembley Stadium was knocked down in 2002 and rebuilt, with the first game at the new ground the 2007 FA Cup final when Chelsea beat Manchester United 1-0.

The original Wembley's history went back to 1923, when more than 200,000 supporters crammed the ground to watch West Ham defeat Bolton Wanderers 2-0.

The stadium is one of the most famous in the world, and the scene of England's greatest hour, as well as one of sport's greatest controversies, when the hosts won the 1966 World Cup against Germany.

Geoff Hurst's shot during extra time of that game made it 3-2, with the Azerbaijani linesman who gave the goal the subject of adulation from English football fans since.

Debate over the goal and whether the ball actually crossed the line still rages despite the careful analysis of TV footage, which has proven a powerful piece of evidence in favour of those who oppose video technology being used in the sport.

The £900 million stadium is the home of the England football team but also hosts a number of other sporting and non-sport events, including the first ever American Football league game to be played outside of the United States

It recently played host to the 2011 European Champions League final between Manchester United and Barcelona.

During the Olympic Games it will host a number of football games, including the final of both the men and women's tournaments.