International Boxing Association President Umar Kremlev travels extensively to meet boxers and officials in the IBA's member countries.

He has reiterated the IBA's desire to help National Federations and Confederations for the long-term benefit of their boxers.

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Democratic Republic of the Congo: Kremlev says IBA "committed" to making boxing available for everyone on IBD (

Saudi Arabia: Kremlev meets officials during visits to Saudi Arabia and Palestine (

Palestine: Kremlev meets officials during visits to Saudi Arabia and Palestine (

Israel: IBA head Kremlev meets President of Israel to discuss boxing development (

Egypt: Egyptian Olympic Committee welcomes IBA President (

Kuwait: IBA President Kremlev launches new boxing academy in Kuwait (

Algeria: Algerian NOC and Sport Ministry meets with IBA President to develop boxing (

Turkey: Kremlev champions gender equality as Women's World Boxing Championships opened (

Bulgaria: IBA President Kremlev meets Minister of Youth and Sports during Bulgaria visit (

Kazakhstan: Kremlev meets with young athletes and Prime Minister during Kazakhstan visit (

Nepal: AIBA President Kremlev discusses gender equality with Nepal leader (

Mongolia: AIBA to open boxing academy in Mongolia after President Kremlev visits country (

Serbia: AIBA President Kremlev pledges fair fights at Men's World Boxing Championships (

Tajikistan: Kremlev promises to create right conditions for Tajikistan boxers to flourish

Poland: Umar Kremlev visited Morocco when an announcement about the construction of an international boxing academy was made.