There are three types of Teq table: Teq ONE, Teq SMART and Teq LITE. All of them are made to meet the International Federation of Teqball's standards of quality and durability.

Individual games and training sessions can be conducted on a Teq SMART table, a foldable version of the Teq ONE table, as well as the Teq LITE table.


The Teq ONE table is a revolutionary piece of sports equipment. It is the original model and remains the table used for all major FITEQ events, including the World Championships.

The Teq ONE table took more than two years of testing and research to eventually develop the table's final innovative and sophisticated shape. The net is solid and thus the ball bounces back from it, limiting the level of interruption to games.

It is designed to remain in one place, which makes it the sturdiest and most suitable for major competitions.

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The Teq SMART table is a foldable version of the Teq ONE table. It can be used in Challenger Cups but no other officially sanctioned FITEQ events.

It is the perfect table for training, as it has the added advantage of being easy to move to any location, indoor or outdoor. This is made possible through the addition of lockable wheels and the table's foldable structure, which also allows one side of the table to be used as a rebound wall to play and practice against.

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The Teq LITE table has a lighter structure used most commonly amongst grassroots players. Its fiberglass reinforced polyester tabletop is waterproof and withstands UV rays, meaning it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Similarly to the Teq SMART table, Teq LITE also benefits from lockable wheels and a foldable structure, which makes it easy to move and store.

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Teq X

Teq X table is the newest addition to the Teqball family and is intended to grow the teq family even bigger. The newly added table follows the same formula as the original Teq ONE table, offering the iconic shape and a fixed structure but at a more accessible price.