Teqball is an accessible sport that can be enjoyed by people regardless of their age, sex and physical abilities. 

The International Federation of Teqball is absolutely convinced that all family members will soon discover the pleasures of sport on a teqball table.

As well as families, Teq ONE, Teq SMART and Teq LITE tables are also ideal sports equipment for public places, hotels, parks, schools, football clubs, leisure centres, fitness centres and beaches.

Teqball can be played by people of all ages and abilities and prides itself on being one of the world's most inclusive sports.

Tables donated to refugee camp

In April 2018, the International Federation of Teqball signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Peace and Sport, an international, neutral and independent organisation based in Monaco that contributes to peace using the power of sport.

The MoU was signed in Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan with both organisations confirming their intention to join forces in promoting teqball as a tool for social development and equality.

Two teqball tables were donated to the citizens of Zaatari Refugee Camp, which is Jordan’s fourth biggest city.

Residents there had the opportunity to play on the tables and receive two days of training as well.

At the end of the training, two talented participants were qualified as official teqball coaches.

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Gender Equality

Teqball is a sport where gender equality is in full force. Male and female players can show off their amazing skills while playing on the same side, or against each other.

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Para Teqball

FITEQ prides itself on being an inclusive sport that is available to people all over the world. 

FITEQ partnered with the Hungarian Paralympic Committee in March 2020 to help empower athletes with disabilities, by providing opportunities to pursue physical and intellectual development without discrimination.

One of the goals of FITEQ is to host a Para Teqball World Championships.

FITEQ is committed to the development of teqball for people with disabilities ©FITEQ
FITEQ is committed to the development of teqball for people with disabilities ©FITEQ

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