National Federation development


FITEQ recognises that the National Federations are the lifeblood of the teqball family. That is why a National Federation development programme was established, with FITEQ aiming to help build the foundations for the long-term growth and success of the sport all over the world. From initial financial and infrastructural support, to the provision of education, coach and referee courses, FITEQ is committed to supporting National Federations as they embark on their teqball journey.


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Club development


In May 2020, FITEQ launched a worldwide club development programme targeted at supporting the teqball community during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as stimulating long-term growth in participation of teqball globally. Grassroots engagement is essential for teqball’s global growth and the club development programme gives more people the opportunity to play the sport. The programme is being implemented in conjunction with FITEQ’s National Federation development and will result in an investment of around €10 million into the sport, through the provision of tables, marketing materials and educational support. 

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FITEQ values education as one of the key areas for the global development of the sport. Courses for referees, coaches and athletes are regularly organised all over the world by FITEQ, with the aim being to increase awareness of the sport and its rules and to increase the pool of individuals involved at the elite end of the sport. FITEQ has also developed a series of online educational courses, which ensure that National Federations and clubs always have access to the materials that will help them develop the sport in their country.

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Zero to Hero


Inclusivity is one of FITEQ’s core values and a key part of achieving its vision of enabling every person to reach their full potential in teqball, whatever level that might be. FITEQ’s Zero to Hero programme is designed to ensure there are opportunities for people to progress with the sport of teqball from a non-active level to a smooth playing level, regardless of their age or gender. Qualified FITEQ coaches lead the Zero to Hero sessions, which are increasingly being held all over the world to inspire people to take up the sport and become a part of the growing teqball community.