The National Olympic Committee of Cape Verde will hold a workshop to plan for a post-coronavirus future ©COC

The National Olympic Committee of Cape Verde (COC) has organised an online workshop to prepare national bodies for life after the COVID-19 pandemic.

COC will tomorrow hold the workshop named "Preparing the future for post COVID-19", led by Leonardo Cunha, an expert in sports management.

It is one of many initiatives that COC has been developing as it aims to support federations and sports leaders as they adapt during the worldwide crisis.

The workshop will hold up to 30 people and will be held online.

Elsewhere, COC has sent a message of solidarity to all its national bodies during the pandemic, acknowledging the financial and mental strain it has put on those in sport.

Sport in Cape Verde will be discussed during workshop ©Getty Images
Sport in Cape Verde will be discussed during workshop ©Getty Images

In a statement it said: "Due to the postponement of the Olympic Games and competitions around the world, this pandemic leaves no one out, which can be frustrating for athletes, sports officials and not only, but otherwise, it could be an opportunity to improve, for even better participation in the future.

"The institution, which has been working on a teleworking basis, reports that is is taking measures to comply with its plan of activities even from a distance, thus leaving no Federation out.

"The Olympic Committee also urges all sports agents to follow the instructions given by the national authorities, in order to once again be examples of discipline, perseverance and overcoming."

There have been more than 4.29 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide, resulting in the deaths of at least 289,000 people.