Rugby Africa President Abelaziz Bougja has chosen Marrakesh to host the next Elective Assembly ©Rugby Africa

The President of Rugby Africa has explained his reasoning for picking Marrakesh as host of the body's first Elective Assembly, saying he wants to end his tenure in his home country.

According to a release by the continental governing body, Abelaziz Bougja, who is Moroccan, chose the nation as host as his long 17-year term as head will end at the event.

The Assembly, at which his successor will be chosen, is due to take place this Saturday (March 2).

Tunisia's Khaled Babbou and Ghana's Herbert Mensah have both been confirmed as candidates.

"Throughout these 17 years, Rugby Africa has never experienced a budget deficit, on the contrary, it has mainly shown surpluses," Bougja said.

He added that he was proud of what he has achieved in his time as President, including increasing the number of players in Africa to one million.

The President of the Moroccan Rugby Federation, Taher Boujouala, said he is delighted the Assembly will be held in his country, calling it "a matter of great satisfaction for Moroccans".

He also formally appointed Bougja's brother Nasser as Morocco's representative on Rugby Africa's Executive Committee.

The Assembly, which will take place at the Adam Park Hotel in Marrakesh, will also host Executive Committee meetings and training sessions.