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Collecting News

9/6: More New Mascot Pins

London 2012 have announced some more mascot pins for immediate sale. These pins show Wenlock trying four new sports, both mascots carrying the flag and 4 pins combining a london bus with mascots, flags and logos.

24/5: Seaside Pins

The series of pins depicting British Life continue this week with 8 pins on the subject of 'The Seaside'.

The pins are pictured below and show some typical seaside subjects such as ice cream and sandcastles.

22/5: London 2012 Pins from USA and Pin Licensing

Late on Friday a few readers started receiving mailings about 24 commemorative (i.e. retail) pins available in the US. Just to be clear, these are official pins made under licence, but they are not part of the 2,012 pins being made by Honav UK, they are manufactured under a different LOCOG licence.

17/5: New Cadbury Pin

When the Cadbury Spots and Stripes pins came out numbered CAD0003 and 4, it was obvious that CAD0002 was 'missing'. Jerry from Cadbury Spots & Stripes kindly posted on the blog comments that the pin was being issued internally following a colleague design competition.

4/5: Partner Pin Round-Up

A few days ago an eBay seller put 3 BP pins up for sale. These pins had the same shape and look as the Open Weekend ones from last year and the more recent green/paralympic pins that have been seen.

27/4: New Mascot Pins

It seems as we get nearer to Wenlock and Mandeville's first birthday next month, they are appearing on more pins. Following on from last week's 'name' pins featuring the mascots, 4 more new sets of pins have been announced.