Six Months To Go To Tokyo 2020

Collecting News

2/10: New London 'Union Flag Landlines' Pins

London 2012 are releasing a new set of pins which merge the blue, green and pink brand colours with the London icons line drawings theme. They form a set called 'Union Flag Landlines' and consist of 9 pins showing landmarks and buses along with the Union flag.

10/8: Mascot Sports

More of the mascot sports pins are to be released.

Wenlock is shown trying the following sports... Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, BMX, Eventing, Mountain Biking, Modern Pentathlon (best pin yet?) Cycling, Running, Taekwondo, Trampoline and Triathlon.

10/8: Paralympic 1 Year To Go Pin

A pin is being issued for the Paralympic 1 Year To Go milestone on 29th August. This is the first and therefore only 'year' Paralympic countdown pin.

Issue size is 3,000 and the price is £6.50. It will be available in the next day or two.

9/8: More Retail Pins from USA

Another set of pins from Aminco have surfaced in mailings and on eBay. There are 8 pins as well as the 1 Year to Go pin announced previously. These new pins feature Wenlock, British icons and flags.

Once again these pins are made for the US market only and cannot be sold outside the USA.

5/8: Another Mascot Boxed Set

Wenlock and Mandeville are appearing in their standard pose for a new boxed set. This time the pins display their name using the mascot's logo

The pins come as a boxed set with a details card. I understand the pins will not be available individually. The issue size is 3,000 for this set and the price is £20.

5/8: National Flowers of the UK

London 2012's first jigsaw set has been released. This attractive set combines the national flowers of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with each countries shape to form a complete set which shows the UK.

5/8: Latest Mascot Sports Pin

Wenlock tries his hand at cycling in the latest mascot sport pin.

As for the others in the series, the issue size is 10,000 pieces and this one is priced at £6.50. It is available immediately.

3/8: Media Pins

It seems as if the media organisations are now starting their pin programmes. This week, 4 media pins have been spotted.

The first comes from Eurosport and combines their logo with a pale blue London 2012 logo and the words 'official broadcaster'

3/8: Emblems of Scotland

The first 2 pins in what will be a larger series are released today. These pins are from the 'Emblems of...' series which will cover England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

3/8: Pictogram Sets

Two new sets of pictogram pins are being issued. These are collectors sets and consist of the Olympic pictograms and Paralympic pictograms in frames. The pins have a brushed metallic or possibly pewter effect. This is based on the photograph having not seen the pins.

The Olympic pictogram framed set is limited to 5,000 pieces and is priced £250

The Paralympic pictogram framed set is limited to 2,012 pieces and is priced £150

30/7: More Sponsor Pins Spotted

An update on the 1 Year To Go Pins as well as some more sponsor pins that have been seen.

Firstly a photo of the EDF 1 Year To Go that we mentioned on Wednesday.

This is pin EDF0008 and is limited to 500 pieces.

30/7: New Mascot Sport and Retail Update

Mandeville has a new sport pin available. This one is Athletics (Running). As before, issue size is 10,000 and the price is £6.50

Also, the mascot 'pose' pins - police and union flag are now in general release. These are the boxed sets (larger) and individual enamel (smaller) pins that have been restricted to the official shop to date.