IWGA President José Perurena made the claim during a meeting with competition managers and NOC and NSO representatives ©Getty Images

The Birmingham 2022 World Games will be "the best ever", the President of the International World Games Association has claimed.

During a meeting with competition managers and representatives of the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and the National Sports Organisations (NSOs), IWGA President José Perurena proclaimed: "The Word Games 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama will be the best ever."

At the meeting, Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin echoed Perurena's sentiment and pledged the city's support to the Games.

"We are looking forward to an outstanding and unique experience for the people here in Birmingham," said Woodfin.

"And we look forward to presenting ourselves as a welcoming and forward-thinking city."

In attendance was around 30 competition managers from International Federations and around 15 representatives from NOCs and NSOs.

Sessions included input from director of Ceremonies, Rashada LeRoy, who provided an insight into what can be expected for the Opening Ceremony on July 7.

Representatives from ISB as host broadcaster, Swiss Timing as timekeepers, Sportfive as hospitality agent, SWORD for venue planning, and FICS working with its chiropractors conducted presentations regarding their preparations for the Games.

Birmingham 2022 chief executive Nick Sellers confirmed the event will feature spectators.

"The support of International Federations and the national organisations gives the necessary tail-wind," he concluded.

Around 3,600 athletes from 34 sports and over 100 countries are expected to compete at Birmingham 2022, scheduled for July 7 to 17 next year.