Paris 2024 is looking to attract around 45,000 volunteers ©Getty Images

Plans have been approved for the volunteer and Torch Relay programmes in preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Paris 2024 Board of Directors, chaired by Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet, gave the go-ahead to "guiding principles" of the two flagship Games engagement programmes after meeting for the first time since Tokyo 2020.

An Olympic and Paralympic Volunteer Charter - considered the "first of its kind for a large-scale sports event" by Paris 2024 - has been established.

It was developed and validated together with the French Government, the social partners represented within the Paris 2024 Social Charter Oversight Committee and the Paris 2024 Ethics Committee.

Paris 2024 said the charters enables the roles entrusted to the volunteers to be "properly defined and delineated" in a bid to offer them the "best possible experience".

Roles likely to be given to volunteers are set to be grouped in six categories including "welcome, orientation and assistance", "sports operations support", "organisational operational support", "transport", "medical services support" and "ceremonies support".

"By developing a volunteer charter together with the partners of the social charter and notably all the social partners, Paris 2024 is putting in place the conditions to deliver a volunteer programme that is aligned with its ambition to stage socially-responsible Games," said Bernard Thibault, President of the Social Charter Oversight Committee and member of the Paris 2024 Board of Director.

The volunteer programme is expected to involve around 45,000 people.

Paris 2024 is planning to start drawing up the Torch Relay route later this year ©Getty Images
Paris 2024 is planning to start drawing up the Torch Relay route later this year ©Getty Images

The Board also approved plans for the volunteer recruitment strategy with the criteria of "gender equality", "representation of all the French regions" as well as international, "openness to all age groups from 18" and "engagement of people with disabilities".

Paris 2024 said volunteers could be used for test events organised prior to the Games.

Olympic and Paralympic International Federations, host authorities and cities, and organisations that have received the "Terre de Jeux" label are expected to contribute to the recruitment drive.

The volunteer programme is set to start in the autumn of 2022 with a communication campaign before applications open in early 2023.

Those successful are due to be contacted in autumn of 2023 when training will start.

The Board has approved the core principles of the Torch Relay programme, which has been defined following consultation with stakeholders and local Government associations.

According to Paris 2024, the route will be determined by three objectives, including "enabling the participation of as many French people as possible", "showcasing France, its regions, heritage and savoir-faire" and "promoting the role of sport in society".

Work to define the Torch Relay route is expected to start later this year before being confirmed in late 2023.

The designs of the Olympic and Paralympic Torches are scheduled to be unveiled in 2023.

"Just a few days after the end of the Tokyo Games, the Paris 2024 stakeholders are working to move the project into an operational phase," said Estanguet.

"Following the Board’s approval of the guiding principles of the Torch Relay and volunteer recruitment strategy, the Paris 2024 teams will start work on the definition of the Torch Relay route and the sourcing of volunteers. 

"These key stages demonstrate our ambition to open the Games to as many people as possible."