The ICF has entered into a partnership with Starboard to protect the environment ©ICF

The International Canoe Federation (ICF) has announced a partnership with paddle craft manufacturer Starboard, to protect the environment with an action plan.

Now the environmental partner of the ICF, Starboard will work with the governing body to work together to protect waterways around the world.

The two parties have already worked together to promote stand-up paddling, which will continue at the Stand-Up Paddling World Championships in Balatonfured in Hungary, scheduled for June 18 to 20.

This partnership will involve monitoring the carbon footprints of major ICF World Championship events across multiple disciplines and offsetting those emissions.

The goal will be to plant 10 times the amount of mangroves required to absorb the carbon emissions at ICF Stand-Up Paddling World Championship events.

In the long-term, further action will be taken through all ICF disciplines to make each World Championships climate neutral through planting the same amount of trees as the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted. 

Starboard has worked with the ICF in the past at Stand-Up Paddling World Championships ©ICF
Starboard has worked with the ICF in the past at Stand-Up Paddling World Championships ©ICF

"It is a unique honour for us at Starboard to join the ICF as an environmental action partner," said Starboard founder and chief innovator, Svein Rasmussen.

"This is quite possibly the first-ever environmentalism collaboration between a board sports brand and a sports federation.

"One of our many goals is to work together in support of Paris 2024 becoming 10 times climate positive.

"We believe sports and the Olympic Movement can promote climate action, so we start at the water's edge with reforestation of mangroves and sea trees, perhaps the most reliable and efficient carbon dioxide capture technology.

"Our partnership will reach all disciplines under ICF, using teamwork and collaboration to make a greater positive movement towards a healthier planet."

This partnership will also look to bring the community of lifestyle paddlers and athletes together to call for environmental protection.

ICF President José Perurena claimed the international community understands the importance of clean waterways, adding that he hoped this partnership would push other governing bodies towards environmentalism.

"The ICF is very excited to be partnering with Starboard, a company with a fantastic world-wide reputation not just for designing cutting-edge paddle craft, but also for its passion for the environment," said Perurena.

"Together I believe we will be able to achieve some great outcomes, for athletes, event organisers and, most importantly, the health of the planet."