UWW has signed an agreement with Sporty Solutionz ©UWW

United World Wrestling (UWW) and sports business company Sporty Solutionz have secured an agreement to promote wrestling in the Indian sub-continent.

The agreement will see Sporty Solutionz, an Indian based company, take responsibility for the monetisation and distribution of UWW media rights.

The rights will cover both the broadcast and digital mediums for the governing body.

UWW confirmed the agreement would begin immediately and would conclude at the end of 2024.

“This agreement with Sporty Solutionz is a first of its kind in India and we look forward to a long-term partnership that will grow the sport and bring world-class wrestling to an Indian audience,” said Nenad Lalovic, UWW President.

Sporty Solutionz is considered among the leading sports rights management companies from the Indian sub-continent, according to the UWW.

The company has distributed sports content of more than 30 sports disciplines around the world, while they are claimed to have worked with more than 100 rights holders and broadcasters.

Sporty Solutionz will have the right to use recorded footage, feature previews, highlights and news on its partner channels as part of the agreement with the UWW.

Sporty Solutionz will be responsible for the distribution of rights in the Indian sub-continent ©Getty Images
Sporty Solutionz will be responsible for the distribution of rights in the Indian sub-continent ©Getty Images

“India has a rich heritage, tradition and following for the sport of wrestling. In a rapidly growing economy that India has emerged, the sport of wrestling holds tremendous commercial potential,” said Ashish Chadha, Sporty Solutionz chief executive.

“Sporty Solutionz is excited to work with the United World Wrestling to expedite the growth and explore the inherent commercial potential of the sport in the best interests of all stake holders.

“We look forward to opening in India a new window of opportunities for global wrestling.”

The agreement will cover four Wrestling World Championships, as well as the UWW World Cup circuit.

Continental Championships and UWW age group events will also be covered as part of the contract.

UWW believe Sporty Solutionz's expertise and understanding of the market will ensure the expansion of wrestling to a new fan base and markets in the region.