The ramp towering between the Italy Pavillion and the Tree of Life in Milan will be a key feature of the FIS Snowboard ©FIS

Completion in a record five days of the Big Air ramp in Milan will be a major boost for competitors taking part in the International Ski Federation (FIS) Snowboard World Cup, it has been claimed. 

The event is due to take place on Friday (November 10) and the following day.

It is scheduled to be followed by the Freeski on November 17 and 18.

The ramp is located at the EXPerience Park, a former area of Expo Milan 2015, in front of the Tree of Life, a major symbol of the event. 

The scaffolding is the largest ever built in Italy, being 40 metres high and 130 metres long.

This means that it is visible from the nearby "Autostrada dei Laghi" highway.

The completion of the venture in five days, from October 25 to 29, was a remarkable achievement for the Sartoretto Group, a leading Italian firm which makes stages and setups, and up to 30 workers were involved.

The ramp has been built with Lahyer scaffolds with a wooden deck on the top, with 250 x 10-metre modular panels employed to make it more resistant and stable.

Compared to last year, the ramp is wider - from six to 20 metres wide at the finish area - and features two to six-metre high parapets, to ensure the highest level of safety for the athletes. 

"Big Air Milan 2017’s ramp is the result of a long planning process, carried out in close cooperation with FIS and in particular with Roberto Moresi, contest director for the Snowboard and Freeski specialties," Big Air Competition’s technical area coordinator Antonio Noris said.

"It features a 44-degree steep slope right at the start, followed by a steady 38-degree section. 

"In this way, athletes can immediately gain speed but they have also the time to find the right way to perform their jumps. 

"Also the kicker has been reshaped to allow even more spectacular and safer stunts.

"The athletes’ safety was our first concern: the 38-degree steep Landing and the 20x20-meter Finishing Area are fit for the purpose.

"In order to guarantee a no-stop spectacle, an elevator with a capacity  of up to 10 people has been installed, so the athletes can reach the top of the ramp in just 50 seconds."