UIPM Executive Board members gather ahead of their meeting ©UIPM

Klaus Schormann will run unopposed for a seventh term as President of the International Modern Pentathlon Union (UIPM) in a Congress beginning in Frankfurt-am-Main tomorrow.

The 70-year-old German, head of the world governing body since 1993, is the only candidate standing.

Schormann and other members of the Executive Board met with Hessen Regional Government head Werner Koch at a dinner held at the State Chancellery.

Koch underlined the "strong ties""between the region and the sport, recognising that the German Modern Pentathlon Association as been based in Darmstadt since 1985.

A Board meeting took place yesterday and today.

There have been no decisions announced, however, and will not be until they have been approved by the Congress.

Klaus Schormann is standing unopposed for a seventh term as UIPM President ©UIPM
Klaus Schormann is standing unopposed for a seventh term as UIPM President ©UIPM

Schormann's priority for the next four years is likely to be consolidating the position of the sport on the Olympic programme.

"We can say for more than 104 years we have been part of the Olympic Movement without any breaks and it is good that people speak about us, it looks like we are important," he told insidethegames during the UIPM Champion of Champions in Doha.

"We are quite happy we could bring up some new ideas to change our sport and make it more spectator friendly and more compact.

"We look and see what was presented for the first time in Rio, the bonus fencing which we really see athletes enjoying.

"At the beginning there was some distance to that, but now they enjoy it and spectators turn up more."