Louvre offers Olympic sports sessions and Paris Olympic plans. GETTY IMAGES

On Tuesday, the Louvre Museum in Paris announced its intention to host yoga and sports sessions within its iconic galleries. This initiative is part of a broader city-wide cultural programme ahead of the Olympics.

The world-renowned Louvre Museum, acclaimed as the biggest museum globally, is set to introduce a novel opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in dance, yoga, and workout sessions amidst its esteemed collection of paintings and sculptures. Under the guidance of instructors and coaches, participants will have the unique experience of engaging in physical activities while surrounded by the museum's unparalleled artistic treasures.

This announcement, unveiled on Tuesday, marks just one of several initiatives aimed at igniting Olympic fervour in anticipation of the Games scheduled to commence in Paris on 26 July.

"The Louvre is physically in the centre of Paris. It will be physically at the centre of the Olympic Games," museum chief Laurence des Cars told reporters.

The Paris 2024 Opening Ceremony is scheduled to take place along the picturesque Seine River, adjacent to the iconic Louvre Museum. preparations are underway for the construction of a temporary arena at Place de la Concorde, where skateboarding and breakdancing events will unfold. The Olympic flame is also set to burn in the neighbouring Tuileries gardens, a security source has told AFP.

On Tuesday, Paris City Hall unveiled its plans for various public sports facilities, concerts, and outdoor gathering spots throughout the City of Light for the upcoming Olympics and Paralympics. The city intends to set up 26 specific fan zones across Paris, as well as two central and northeastern areas designated for celebrations. These spaces will offer platforms for medal winners to interact with the public.

"For the first time in the history of the Games, the host city is aiming to create a people's Games where Olympic enthusiasm can be shared at both the event sites but also outside of the stadiums, in the heart of the city, in each district," the mayor's office said in a press statement.

The regional transport authority introduced a novel mobile application for Olympic transport. This marks the debut of the "Transport Public Paris 2024" app, designed to assist visitors in navigating the city during the Games. The app offers real-time updates on traffic and crowd levels, guiding users to Olympic venues and other destinations efficiently.

Concerns about overcrowding on the Paris subway system have arisen as the Games approach, prompting local politicians to advocate for alternative modes of transportation such as walking or cycling. The upcoming Olympics in Paris, the first in a century, are scheduled to occur from 26 July to 11 August, followed by the Paralympics from 28 August to 8 September.