Trampoline: Paris 2024 qualifiers confirmed after World Cup series. GETTY IMAGES

Following the conclusion of the fifth qualifying event of the 2023 and 2024 Trampoline World Cup Series, the International Gymnastics Federation has officially announced the allocation of individual quota places for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The Trampoline World Cup in Cottbus, Germany, marked the end of a long Olympic qualifying season that began last July. Only one gymnast from an African country has yet to qualify for the Games, with the remaining place to be decided on the basis of the World Cup qualifying rankings. Gymnasts earned Olympic qualification points at World Cup events in Coimbra, Palm Beach, Varna, Baku, and Cottbus. The final qualification points were calculated by adding the two highest points of each gymnast.

The male trampolinists qualified are: Langlyu Yan, China; Ivan Litvinovich, Individual Neutral Athletes (AIN); Dylan Schmidt, New Zealand; Pierre Gouzou, France; Rayan Dutra, Brazil; Aliaksei Shostak, USA; David Vega, Spain; Ángel Hernández, Colombia; Danil Mussabayev, Kazakhstan; and Fabian Vogel, Germany.

Zisai Wang, China; Benny Wizani, Austria; Ryusei Nishioka, Japan; Zak Perzamanos, Great Britain; and Pedro Ferreira, Portugal; did it via World Championships.

The female trampolinists qualified are: Xueying Zhu, China; Bryony Page, Great Britain; Iana Lebedeva, AIN; Hikaru Mori, Japan; Lea Labrousse, France; Madaline Davidson, New Zealand; Noemi Romero, Spain; Seljan Mahsudova, Azerbaijan; Viyaleta Bardzilouskaya, AIN; and Luba Golovina, Georgia.

Yicheng Hu, China; Alice Gomes, Brazil; Sophiane Methot, Canada; Jessica Stevens, USA; and Isobelle Songhurst, Great Britain did it through the World Championships.

Gymnasts who qualified through the World Championships couldn't secure another Olympic place through the World Cup series. The Bercy Arena will host the Olympic competition on 2 August, with a maximum of two gymnasts per nation competing for medals.

The host nation places for male and female gymnasts, as well as the "universal" places, have been distributed among the 16 eligible nations. However, due to the distribution of qualifiers, these places were reassigned to the next eligible nations based on the World Championships qualification list.

The allocation of the remaining Olympic quota places in trampoline will be announced after the African Continental Championships in Bizerte, Tunisia, on 10-11 May.