Australia beat Canada in the final to clinch Men's Softball World Cup gold ©WBSC

Australia won the Men's Softball World Cup for the first time since 2009 as they defeated Canada 5-2 in the final in Auckland.

The fourth-seed side flew into an early lead as they scored two runs in the first innings and led for the remainder of the match in front of a 2,500-strong crowd.

Although they lost, Canada's silver medal meant that they had achieved the most podium finishes in the tournament's history.

A tally of four gold, six silver, and four bronze medals took them ahead of New Zealand's total of 13, although the latter has the most titles with seven.

Earlier on, five-time winners the United States claimed third place with a 2-0 victory over defending champions Argentina, to bag their first World Cup podium in 22 years.

"We have done it all our tour, we've got on the board early," said coach Laing Harrow whose father coached the Australian team to their inaugural win at Saskatoon 2009.

"I think that sixth inning was the key.

"Canada scored in the fifth and we answered right back and that was critical for us.

"It took the wind out of their sails.

"I have to give credit.

"Jack (Besgrove) threw a hell of a game.

"It was a real battle.

"I thought the strike zone was a bit tight on Jack but he kept battling threw it and didn't complain and he got the job done.

"It is exciting for him and he has a bright future in the game."

Canada made it their fourth straight podium finish at the World Cup and their sixth in the last seven tournaments going back 18 years.

For world number one side Argentina who finished fourth, the end of the tournament has also brought an end to the reign of coach Julio Gamarci.

"The week was amazing.

"The only regret I have is that I could not make them play better and that's all on me.

"They couldn’t score a run for the last 15 innings.

"They gave everything but I could not guide them to something better.

"That is the finish for coaching the national team for me.

"What is ahead is my family, and to coach my kids."