The IBA has declared CK Wu as a persona non grata within the organisation during a Board of Directors meeting today ©IBA

The International Boxing Association (IBA) has said that its former President CK Wu is not welcome at any of its events, declaring him as a "persona non grata" within the organisation.

The decision was announced during an IBA Board of Directors meeting today, with the Board claiming that independent investigation showed that Wu, who served as President from 2006 to 2017, was responsible for tension between the IBA, known as AIBA during his term in office, and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).  

Under the IBA decision, Wu will not be invited to any IBA and continental events, or to any IBA-owned or IBA-sanctioned competitions.

"They say that corruption within AIBA took place, but this corruption has a name," said IBA President Umar Kremlev.

"His name is CK Wu. We should speak plainly without avoiding unpleasant or embarrassing issues. We do not afraid to reveal the truth.

"We need to decide once and for all, forget the past and put a full stop. We have to be strict, all those involved must be banned for a lifetime.

"We take a decision that these people will not ever take part in any IBA activities."

CK Wu has been declared as a
CK Wu has been declared as a "persona non grata" by the International Boxing Association, who say their former President is not welcome at any of their events ©Getty Images

Wu was among officials found to have been complicit in allowing the manipulation of boxing bouts during the Rio 2016 Olympics, following an independent investigation led by Canadian lawyer Richard McLaren.

Wu left his role as AIBA President in December 2017 after reaching an agreement with the organisation's Executive Committee to leave the post.

He was already provisionally suspended by the Executive Committee before his resignation.

Wu was an IOC member from 1988 until 2020, when he resigned on medical advice.

He also ran for Presidency of the IOC in 2013, and was defeated by the organisation's current President Thomas Bach.

The McLaren Independent Investigation Team found that violations of financial and organisational management and sporting integrity had taken place.

The McLaren Report, which was published earlier this year, also said former AIBA executive director Karim Bouzidi was a key player in "allowing manipulation to flourish," and went on to recommend the IBA considered disciplinary action against Wu, Bouzidi and selected referees and judges.  

The IBA today announced that it was due to hold an Ordinary Congress in a hybrid format in the United Arab Emirates in December.

Among the items on the agenda are a discussion of the McLaren Report about the IBA.