World Para Taekwondo is hoping to expand its knowledge of athlete classification ©Getty Images

World Para Taekwondo has published a survey as it looks to further develop its knowledge of athlete classification.

Classifiers have been asked to complete the survey by a closing date of October 31.

It is hoped that a "diverse group of people" will come forward, with backgrounds either in taekwondo or medicine.

The aim is for the sport, which debuted at the rearranged Tokyo 2020 Paralympics last year, to expand its technical and medical classification knowledge.

Examples of research areas include musculoskeletal, intellectual, neuro-muscular and visual impairments in taekwondo.

Other topics are assistive devices in taekwondo as well as customised equipment.

Taekwondo's Paralympic debut in Tokyo saw three men's and three women's classes contested.

Taekwondo debuted at the Paralympic Games at Tokyo 2020 last year ©Getty Images
Taekwondo debuted at the Paralympic Games at Tokyo 2020 last year ©Getty Images

Only athletes in the K43 or K44 class were allowed to compete - in a combined K44 event.

K43 includes athletes with bilateral amputation below the elbow, or the equivalent loss of function in both upper limbs.

The K44 category, meanwhile, includes athletes with unilateral arm amputation, or the equivalent loss of function, or the loss of toes which impacts the ability to lift the heel properly.

Eligible impairment types include impaired muscle power, athetosis, hypertonia, limb deficiency and ataxia. 

The survey can be filled in here.