Ukraine's judo body has listed Russian athletes in the armed forces ©Getty Images

The Ukrainian Judo Federation (FJU) has questioned the neutrality of Russian athletes - who are able to compete under the International Judo Federation (IJF) banner in international competitions - by posting a list of judoka from the country that are part of the armed forces.

It reiterated that it was "deeply disappointed" with the decision made by the IJF to allow Russian athletes to compete.

Eleven members of the Russian judo team were named by the FJU in the statement, which further stressed its intentions to boycott any IJF event featuring neutral athletes from Russia and Belarus.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine, aided by Belarus, breached the Olympic Truce.

The list published by the FJU includes four warrant officers in Mikhail Igolnikov, Inal Tasoev, Kamila Badurova and Madina Taimazova.

Taimazova is an Olympic medallist who last week won at the Ulaanbaatar Grand Slam in the under-70 kilograms category.

David Karapetyan, Daria Kurbonmamadova, Sabina Giliazova and Anna Gushchina are listed as soldiers, as well as Armen Agaian as a junior sergeant.

Olympic medallist Madina Taimazova was listed as one of the athletes ©Getty Images
Olympic medallist Madina Taimazova was listed as one of the athletes ©Getty Images

Alan Khubetsov was also mentioned as a senior lieutenant and Irina Dolgova as a lieutenant. 

"Everybody who follows world sport a small way understands that Russian athletes are a key part of this country's aggressive propaganda politics," said FJU President Mykhailo Koshliak.

"Speaking of Russia and sport, it is by no means possible to say that 'sport is out of politics'.

"The silence of Russian and Belarusian athletes and coaches supports the war against Ukraine and kills thousands of Ukrainian citizens."

Tasoev, one of the winners in Mongolia, expects to see other sports follow suit in allowing Russians and Belarusians to compete.

"We were very well received - they approached us, took pictures with us, not a hint of negativity, on the contrary," said Tasoev to Russian state news agency TASS.

"They supported us, expressed their joy that we were finally at the competition.

"The only discomfort is the absence of a flag and an anthem, because standing on a podium and listening to your anthem, you always look for your flag with your eyes.

"It was a little uncomfortable, but, on the other hand, the IJF flag was hoisted in honour of us, to which we all belong.

"Thanks to all the participants of the tournament for their support - this is really the same family judo, the judo family, which we are all so proud of, and I hope that the example of judo will be indicative for other sports."

On February 28, the International Olympic Committee recommended the banning of athletes and officials from Russia and Belarus following the invasion of Ukraine.