Johan Eliasch faces no challenger for the FIS Presidency ©Getty Images

International Ski Federation (FIS) President Johan Eliasch will face no challengers when he is up for re-election in May.

The Swede was only voted President last June, and is completing the term former FIS leader Gian-Franco Kasper had originally won, hence being up for re-election fewer than 12 months later.

Eliasch enjoyed a landside victory, securing more than half of the votes despite three rivals also standing.

Two of those rivals - Swedish Olympic Committee President Mats Årjes and Switzerland’s former men’s downhill world champion Urs Lehmann - are standing for re-election to the FIS Council.

There are 23 candidates for 18 spots on the FIS Council.

Australian Dean Gosper, Czech official Roman Kumpost, Bulgaria's Tzeko Minev, Aki Murasato from Japan, American Dexter Paine, China's Liangcheng Zheng, Russian Elena Vyalbe, Finn Martti Uusitalo, German Franz Steinle, Slovenia's Enzo Smrekar, Flavio Roda from Italy and the Norewgian Erik Røste are also seeking re-election.

New Zealand's Fiona Stevens, Patrick Toussaint form Andorra, Canadian Diedra Dionne, Portugal's Pedro Farromba, Anne-Chantal Pigelet from France, Austrian Patrick Ortlieb, Ukrainian Ihor Mitiukov, Argentina's Magdalena Kast and Fredy Keirouz of Lebanon are hoping to join the FIS Council.

Among the Council members stepping down is FIS vice-president Peter Schröcksnadel, the former Austrian Ski Federation President.

Vyalbe is eligible to run despite athletes from Russia being banned from all FIS competitions for the remainder of this season at least over the invasion of Ukraine.

Aki Murasato is one of three FIS vice-presidents standing for re-election to the Council ©Getty Images
Aki Murasato is one of three FIS vice-presidents standing for re-election to the Council ©Getty Images

Elections are due to take place at the FIS Congress, which is itself scheduled for May 26.

The Congress will by a hybrid event taking place in Milan and online.

While Eliasch is set for a four-year term running until after the Milan Cortina 2026 Winter Olympic Games, new Council members will earn two-year terms.

At least three Council members must be women and nations with one vote at the Congress must be represented by at least one person on the Council, likewise countries with two votes.

Eliasch and two athlete representatives - American Hannah Kearney and Finn Martti Jylha - will take the Council to 21 members.

The FIS has already held one Congress under Eliasch's premiership, in October, when new statutes were overwhelmingly approved.

FIS members rejected a proposal to change the organisation's name at the extraordinary gathering, however.

Eliasch is a billionaire and stood down as chief executive of sporting goods manufacturer Head after being elected FIS President.

Eliasch was nominated for the role by GB Snowsport, with the Swedish Ski Association putting forward Årjes for the post.