The World Association of Kickboxing Organizations has suspended its African Continental Confederation ©WAKO

The World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO) has suspended the African Kickboxing Confederation (WAKO Africa), alleging its leadership did not meet often enough or update statutes as required.

While the suspension of recognition is only temporary, it could become permanent should WAKO Africa not submit draft statutes by March 8.

Should WAKO move to permanently withdraw the recognition of WAKO Africa, it would need to be ratified by the next WAKO General Assembly. 

In a letter shared with National Federations, WAKO President Roy Baker charged WAKO Africa with "material non-compliance" and "total inactivity".

"Moreover WAKO has acknowledged a fundamental breach of the provisions of WAKO’s statutes regarding a proper corporate governance of African Kickboxing Confederation as there are no formal and duly convened meetings of the Board of Directors and General Assemblies", the President added.

WAKO can assume the role of the continental governing body for Africa for as long as WAKO Africa is suspended.

Its aim is to promote and stabilise kickboxing in Africa through the suspension of WAKO Africa, Baker insisted.

WAKO Africa needs to "provide to WAKO proof that a duly convened WAKO Africa’s Board of Directors has resolved upon the start of the process" of updating its statutes before it will be considered for reinstatement.

WAKO has been a member of the Global Association of International Sports Federations since 2006, and has full International Olympic Committee recognition as of last year.

Kickboxing has appeared once at the African Games in 2007 in Algiers.