The Badminton World Federation has agreed a TUE deal with the International Testing Agency ©Getty Images

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) has announced that the International Testing Agency (ITA) will take charge of the sport's management of therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs).

Both organisations have signed a deal which will initially run until the end of next year.

An athlete can apply for a TUE if they want to use a substance normally banned under anti-doping rules to treat a diagnosed medical condition.

The ITA will be fully responsible for all applications from international badminton players with the work carried out by its dedicated TUE unit.

"This is a positive step forward for us in our endeavour to keep badminton clean," said BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer.

"It is great to have the leadership and expertise of the ITA to manage all processes related to therapeutic use exemptions.

"This new partnership will bolster the already robust set of testing measures we have in place to protect our sport."

The ITA claims to act independently of any sports organisation or national interest, with the beginning of its operations in June 2018 seen as a key step in the global fight for clean sport.

The deal will run initially until the end of 2021 ©Getty Images
The deal will run initially until the end of 2021 ©Getty Images

Its creation was approved by the International Olympic Committee's Executive Board in July 2017, with anti-doping services available to International Federations and major events which are willing to sign up.

More than 40 organisations have so far done so.

"We are very pleased that the Badminton World Federation has chosen to manage their TUEs by the ITA as an independent expert body," said ITA director general Benjamin Cohen.

"The delegation means that BWF can rest assured their TUE process is handled professionally, that badminton athletes will receive a fair and unbiased review of their TUE submissions, and that the federation can focus even more on the core aspects of its work.

"As for any other International Federation that we work with, we will aim to keep sport real for badminton and hope that our efforts will evolve into a wider partnership in the future."