A host of Russian sambists took part in a fun video entitled Sweet Sambo Dreams ©FIAS

A host of Russian sambists have taken part in a fun video entitled Sweet Sambo Dreams, featuring some of the country's stars of the sport performing sambo moves in a variety of settings.

The video, shared on athletes social media pages and the International Sambo Federation (FIAS) website, begins with a person falling asleep, before the video imagines them dreaming of competing at sambo again.

Russian sambists featured in the video were Marina Mokhnatkina, Vladimir Balykov, Anton Konovalov, Mariia Molchanova, Bratia Lebedevy, Aram Grigoryan, Uali Kurzhev, Ali Kurzhev and Aleksandr Saraikin.

In the video, the sambists are shown doing kicks or sambo-style throws with objects at the camera.

Footage was mainly filmed in homes, with some in outdoor settings, before the pieces were edited together.

FIAS has currently suspended all competitions indefinitely and has been encouraging sambists to post fun videos and share their home workouts via social media during the shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Globally, there have been more than 5.38 million cases of coronavirus, resulting in more than 343,000 fatalities.