The 2020 International Ice Hockey Federation World Junior Championship medals have been designed around Ostrava and Třinec's industrial roots ©IIHF

The International Ice Hockey Federation has unveiled the medals to be awarded at the 2020 IIHF World Junior Championship in Czech Republic.

They will take place in Ostrava and Třinec in the Czech Republic between December 26 2019 to January 5.

The medals have been designed by Oldřich Sládek and consist of 15 different parts.

It is the second time Sládek has designed medals for an IIHF World Ice Hockey Championship, having designed the 2015 medals.

The design is based on the common features of the organising cities.

"They do not have a classic construction, but they combine the architectural principles of steel cities with modern materials," said Sládek of the medals.

"The aesthetic is based on the steel cities, their traditional industrial look and the principle of their construction.

"Each of them consists of seven levels: six levels of steel sheet, each laser cut into a different shape. 

"A ribbon of rubber-textile is inserted between these levels and all seven levels are joined together by brass rivets, just as the original factory buildings were riveted."

Finland won the 2019 International Ice Hockey Federation World Junior Championship ©IIHF
Finland won the 2019 International Ice Hockey Federation World Junior Championship ©IIHF

The gold medals have been galvanically gilded by 24 carat pure gold and the ribbons have been chosen as red for the gold medal, a steel colour for the silver medals and a blue for the the bronze.

All medals measure 66 millimetres in diameter and are 50mm thick.

"The steel layers are alternate by surface treatment, grinding and gloss," added Sladek.

"That gives the medal a depth, where the shiny parts stand out from matt and vice versa. 

"Somewhere even the colour of the ribbon shines through the sheet."

The face of the medal is based on the logo of the 2020 IIHF World Junior Championship, the stylisation of the hockey goalie, with the reverse featuring the IIHF logo and venue names.

Ostrava will host the championship for a second time as Třinec makes its debut.