Magnus Carlsen offered a 12th-straight draw in London today ©Getty Images

Tiebreaks will need to be used to decide the winner of the 2018 World Chess Championship after champion Magnus Carlsen and American Fabiano Caruana played out a 12th consecutive draw in London.

The latest result means the match has finished 6-6 with every single game ending in stalemate.

It is the first time in the 132-year history of the event that neither player has forced a victory.

After a rest day tomorrow, a succession of tiebreak methods will be used to eventually crown a winner at The College in Holborn.

The first will be four rapid games - 25 minutes for each player - after which the player with the best score will be the winner.

If the match is still tied, the players will take part in up to five mini-matches of best-of-two blitz games - taking five minutes each.

The player with the best score in any two-game blitz match will be the winner.

Neither player has been able to force a positive result ©Getty Images
Neither player has been able to force a positive result ©Getty Images

If a winner is still to be found, the match will go to a single, sudden-death "Armageddon" game, with white being given five minutes and black four minutes.

In the case of a draw, the black will be declared the winner, with players drawing lots to have the right of choosing which colour they want.

Today's latest draw was considered a surprise as Norway's Carlsen, playing with black, offered a share of the spoils despite seeming to be in an advantageous situation both position-wise and on the clock.

The 27-year-old, making his third world title defence, will play as white in the first tiebreak game.

He also tops the rapid and blitz chess world rankings.