FISU have launched a newsletter aimed at providing potential hosts with key information ©Getty Images

International University Sport Federation (FISU) have sought to appeal to potential host cities by providing information on the organisation’s events, bidding process and the benefits of holding competitions.

Information is being provided through a quarterly newsletter aimed specifically at the leaders, mayors and sports directors of cities, as well as a dedicated hosting page on FISU’s website.

The newsletter and page, launched by FISU, continues the organisation’s proactive approach to seeking host cities for their competitions.

“Bringing together sport and academia, FISU events incorporate educational and cultural aspects,” said FISU President Oleg Matytsin when introducing the newsletter.

“Hosting a university sport event is a unique opportunity to provide practical development opportunities and experiences for the host city’s students.

“University sport events also promote their hosts as new destinations for young people to study, visit and work, generate revenues and boost the city’s international sporting profile.”

The Summer and Winter Universiades are among FISU’s major events, along with the World University Championships.

FISU chief executive and secretary general Eric Saintrond claimed a direct approach had helped them secure hosts at their General Assembly in Taipei last month.

He highlighted that the organisation will directly approach potential host cities and work closely on developing their bids, in order for them to fully outline FISU’s requirements.

Saintrond claimed the approach had proved successful in securing Naples as the host of the 2019 Summer Universiade, as well as encouraging Lake Placid to bid for the 2023 Winter Universiade.

FISU believe hosting their events will provide great practical experience for young people in cities, as well as generating revenue by receiving athletes and guests during competitions.

FISU believe hosting their competitions will benefit young people in the cities and increase their visibility ©FISU
FISU believe hosting their competitions will benefit young people in the cities and increase their visibility ©FISU

They also claim the profile of cities as major sporting destinations can be enhanced by hosting, with the events providing increased visibility.

Revenues for local organisers would come through national television broadcasting, media, ticket sales, sponsorship and marketing outside of FISU’s protected categories.

FISU have also outlined the support they will provide to organisers, as well as their obligations.

FISU state the process for bidding for the 2023 Summer and Winter Universiades began in March, with working sessions having taken place until July.

Inspection visits to potential candidates are due to take place in the coming months, with the awarding of the events expected to be made on March 2 and 3 next year.

FISU are also searching for a host of the 2021 Summer Universiade, while the 2020 World University Championships are due to be awarded in December.