January 1 - England's doubles coach Tan Kim Her (pictured) has quit less than three years before the London 2012 Olympics to return home to join the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM).

He is expected to start work with the BAM before the first major assignment of the year – the Thomas and Uber Cup Finals, which Malaysia will host in Kuala Lumpur in May.

Kim Her, who was an Olympic semi-finalist in the men’s doubles with Soo Beng Kiang in Atlanta in 1996, had left Malaysia in 2005 to coach in South Korea before coming to England in 2007.

BAM secretary, Gangga Rao, said that they had been talking with Kim Her about the possibility of returning to Malaysia for several months and it was only recently that he agreed to do so.

Kim Her's decision to leaves coincides with the retirements of several of Britain's top doubles players recently, including Olympic silver medallist and world champion Gail Emms and European champion Donna Kellogg.

Rao said: "I think he agreed to come back as he wants his children to settle down here.

"We have signed him on a two-year contract with an option for two more.

“Kim Her is expected to start work by February or March.

"He has the experience of coaching the South Korean players before and we hope he can complement our coaching set-up.

"It is for the coaching and training committee to decide on where he fits in."

Indonesian Rexy Mainaky is currently Malaysia's chief coach for the national doubles players and he is assisted by Rosman Razak, Pang Cheh Chang, Jeremy Gan and Chang Kim Wai.