alt BRITAIN'S top hockey stars will this weekend launch Great Britain's inaugural hockey super league in Edinburgh which is aimed at helping the players prepare for London 2012.

The GB Super Six consists of six teams per gender.
There Three teams are from England, the Pennine Pumas, Saxon Tigers and Wessex Leopards, ,  two from Scotland, the Caledonian Cougars and Highland Jaguars. while the Celtic Panthers hail from Wales.
The action takes place over three consecutive weekends beginning at Peffermill tomorrow before the teams travel to Swansea on April 28 and finish on May 5-6 in Manchester at Belle Vue.
The league will act as a filter for Olympic development leading up to Beijing 2008 and, more importantly for Britain's prospects, the London 2012 games.
David Faulkner, performance director for Great Britain, said: "The Great Britain Super League will provide annual assessment of athletes in an appropriate competitive environment and at the same time provide a platform to grow and develop our performance Coaching and Officiating GB wide."
GB National team coaches Jason Lee and Danny Kerry hand selected coaches from a host of former international players for the Super Six, including past stars such as Craig Parnham and Bobby Crutchley, will train the teams.