By Tom Degun at the Broad Street Boxing Club in London

Charles Allen_Chair_of_Join_In_UK_and_Team_GB_Boxer_Luke_Campbell_02-07-121July 2 - Team GB bantamweight boxer Luke Campbell, who will be a major gold medal contender at the London 2012 Olympics, took time out of his preparations for the Games to visit here in the East End of London to congratulate them on becoming the 1,000th club sign-up to the Join In Local Sport weekend on August 18 and 19.

The 24-year-old from Hull, who is England's first amateur European champion in 47 years and won silver at the 2011 World Championships in Baku, explained that he only became a successful boxer due to the hard work of volunteers that helped him when he took up the sport at St Paul's Amateur Boxing Club in his city.

"I started boxing when I was 13 and it was soon after that began training at St Paul's in Hull," Campbell (pictured above, right) said.

"Everyone there, especially my coach Mick Bromby, inspired me to realise my potential in the sport and encouraged me all the way.

"There's always been such a great atmosphere at the club, with volunteers ensuring everyone is catered for and that more young boxers keep on joining.

"Whether it's St Paul's in Hull or Broad Street in London, clubs like this are vital to the survival of the sport.

"But they can only keep going thanks to the volunteers who give their time for others.

"That's why I'm delighted to be supporting the Join In weekend so we can make sure grassroots sport really does get an Olympic boost this summer."

Campbell, was accompanied on the visit by the Join In chairman Sir Charles Allen (pictured below, left), the Mayor of the London 2012 Athletes' Village, and triple Olympic long-distance runner David Moorcroft (pictured below, centre), the former world record holder for 5,000 metres and now director of sport at Join In.

Join Ins_David_Moorcroft_referees_Sir_Charles_Allen_and_Team_GB_boxer_Luke_Campbell_at_Broad_Street_ABC_02-07-12
Join in Local Sport has the specific aim of getting as many people as possible to turn up, take part and join in at their local sports facilities during the promotion, which falls on the first weekend between the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

"Local sports groups will be able to take advantage of this unique moment, creating a shop window within their community for the opportunities there are for people inspired by the Games to help out, give time, support, watch or play sport," said Sir Charles.

"Sport clubs across the United Kingdom know that London 2012 will generate unprecedented enthusiasm for sport in the UK.

"The Join In weekend on August 18 and 19 will capture that enthusiasm and bring it back to the place it begins for all great champions – their  local sports facilities – and enable clubs to convert this once in a lifetime wave of interest into help, support and membership from their local community."

Sir Charles and Moorcroft also used the visit to set out how the Join In weekend will enable clubs, like the Broad Street Boxing Club, to convert the interest in the Games into helping, supporting and gaining membership from their local community.

"Local clubs are where it all begins: from the first time you run round the track, to the person who manages the pitch bookings, to the coach who pushes you to go that little bit further and faster," said Moorcroft.

"After the last firework of the closing ceremony, we will have a magic moment to make sure those who have been inspired by the Games contribute in whatever way they can, as player or volunteer, at their local club.

"That moment will never come again, and unlike previous Games who have wasted that moment, Join In is determined we capture it for all time."

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