New partnership to promote Teqball across Europe.  TEQBALL

A major boost for the promotion of Teqball will be the agreement between the European Multisport Club Association (EMCA) and the International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ) to spearhead the growth of Teqball across Europe. The roadmap includes the creation of a new league of at least eight teams.

This collaboration marks a defining moment for the sport. The partnership is born out of a shared vision to establish Teqball as an alternative within the European sporting landscape. The EMCA represents a diverse network of multi-sport clubs from all over the continent. Meanwhile, FITEQ, Teqball's global governing body, brings expertise in promoting the sport worldwide.

One of the keys to this collaboration is the creation of a new Teqball League, managed by the EMCA, which will involve at least eight clubs and provide a platform for athletes. FITEQ is proposing a series of events, culminating in a grand final and an exciting urban spectacle. Talent development is also a priority for the EMCA and FITEQ, which will create a structured pathway for athletes and coaches.

The recent World Championships in Bangkok broke all records. In five categories - women's and men's singles, women's and men's doubles and mixed doubles - 80 women and 131 men competed. It was the first time the tournament was held outside Europe.

The first Teqball match took place in 2014. GETTY IMAGES
The first Teqball match took place in 2014. GETTY IMAGES

"I am very excited to be working with FITEQ and I look forward to future developments. As a multi-sport organisation, by working together with international sports federations, we will be able to ensure a strong foundation for the sustainability of our projects and provide innovative opportunities for our members," said Cristina Tsiligikiri, President of EMCA. Integrating Teqball into the fabric of EMCA affiliated multi-sport clubs is important.

EMCA and FITEQ have also committed to organising a series of events across Europe. Athletes will be able to earn world ranking points through these events. FITEQ will be responsible for providing clubs with some essential equipment, including Teqball tables, as well as organising lectures and events to share knowledge and train interested parties, be they referees, coaches or players.

Laszlo Vajda, Secretary General of FITEQ, says: "Our partnership with EMCA marks a new era for Teqball in Europe, uniting clubs and athletes to drive its growth. A ball sport that combines elements of football and table tennis is new in Europe. The first match was played in 2014. With the support of professional footballers, it has been included in the European Games in 2023 European Games and the 2021 Asian Beach Games. The first World Championship was held in Budapest, Hungary in 2017."