Egypt claimed the last three titles and reached an astonishing 102 golds. INSTAGRAM

The 13th African Games in Accra has ended on a historical feat by Egypt winning a record-breaking of 102 gold medals to emerge as the top nation in the competition for the third time in a row and the fourth time in the last five editions of the continental Games.

Egypt have made history by topping the medals table at the 2023 African Games in Accra. No one had ever reached 100 gold medals or more, and the Mediterranean country has done it this time with 102, marking a milestone in the history of the African Games. Nigeria and South Africa completed the 'global podium' with 47 and 32 gold medals respectively.

Since 2015, Egypt has topped the total medals table in the last three editions of the African Games. The North Africans have also won four of the last five editions of the tournament, with only South Africa in Maputo in 2011 able to beat them. After winning four of the five editions between 1965 and 1991, Egypt had to wait until 2007 to regain the crown.

The 13th African Games will be remembered for Egypt's historic achievement of breaking the 100 gold medal barrier with a total of 102. The 191 medals won by Egypt at Accra were fewer than at the last two editions: 217 in Brazzaville in 2015 and 260 in Rabat in 2019.

Farida Osman won four gold medals winner at the 2023 African Games. GETTY IMAGES
Farida Osman won four gold medals winner at the 2023 African Games. GETTY IMAGES

Egypt is also the nation with the most silver medals in the event, with 47, followed by Algeria with 38. The situation is reversed when it comes to bronze medals. Algeria has more than the rest with 47, while Egypt is tied with South Africa with 42.

The athlete who contributed the most to Egypt's milestone at the African Games was swimmer Marwan Elkamash, who won five gold medals and was tied with South Africa's Caitlin De Lange as the best athlete of the whole event. Farida Osman won four gold medals and Abdalla Nasr, Eslam Abouelwafa, Elsayed Aly, Mariam Hesham, Karim Ibrahim, Shimaa Khaled, Abdelrah Mohamed, Basma Ramadan, Sara Samir and Ahmed Sayed all won three gold.

The next African Games will take place in 2027 in Cairo, Egypt. The host country will have another opportunity to shine even brighter than it did at the 13th African Games in Accra.