United Nations recognises the Trofeo Princesa Sofía as a carbon neutral event. TROFEO PRINCESA SOFÍA

The 2023 edition of the Trofeo Princesa Sofía Mallorca by Iberostar has been awarded the United Nations (UN) Recognition of Carbon Footprint Calculation and Offsetting Certificate, issued by Trueworld. The 2024 edition has added new initiatives as it moves towards its goal of zero impact.

Environmental responsibility is at the heart of the Trofeo Princesa Sofia Mallorca by Iberostar's overarching philosophy. As part of its commitment to sustainability, for the 2023 edition the Olympic class regatta signed an agreement with the Mallorcan company Trueworld to implement an action plan aimed at neutralising its carbon footprint, carrying out initiatives to analyse and measure air quality, monitor the seabed in the Bay of Palma and organise awareness-raising workshops. 

As a result, the race received the prestigious UN Recognition of Carbon Footprint Calculation and Offsetting. "This certificate is a milestone in the responsibility of the regatta and its organisation. It means not only that we have taken the maximum measures to reduce our environmental impact, but also that we have taken on the challenge of involving the entire value chain to create a zero net impact event," explains geographer Marco Mendoza, CEO and founder of Trueworld. 

This certificate confirms the efforts made by the event in terms of environmental issues. "The result allows us to conclude that this is a regatta with a very low impact in its organisation and practically zero in its sporting execution. We should encourage this type of activity with low environmental impact and with a strong message of commitment, and a strong international image and a serious responsibility," he continued. 

Zero impact is the objective that the event has set itself in its strategic plan, but the reality is that in an event with more than a thousand sailors and dozens of inflatable boats there are areas where this is not yet feasible. 

Official presentation of the 53rd Trofeo Princesa Sofia Mallorca by Iberostar. TROFEO PRINCESA SOFÍA
Official presentation of the 53rd Trofeo Princesa Sofia Mallorca by Iberostar. TROFEO PRINCESA SOFÍA

"We are aware of the limitations," admits Javier Zaynoun, director of the Trofeo Princesa Sofia Mallorca by Iberostar. "There are areas, such as the transport of competitors and equipment to Mallorca, that require polluting means of transport, it is an obvious fact that we cannot ignore. However, whenever there is an alternative, we always choose the most sustainable one".   

Trueworld explains that there are tools to compensate for unavoidable carbon emissions, and that their use has enabled it to obtain the certificate: "Emissions that cannot really be reduced are compensated by funding projects certified by the United Nations or by the Ministry of Ecological Transition." 

"In addition to the social programme, in which various organisations with young people at risk of social exclusion can take part in various workshops to bring sport and the sea to these most vulnerable groups, support is also given to local projects aimed at preserving, promoting or regenerating the natural environment," the company added. 

According to Mendoza, environmental awareness on the Sofia is growing every day: "The sailors are an essential part of helping us to strengthen the message of sustainability and increase public interest. Let's not forget that the organisation is not yet legally obliged to measure or compensate for this type of event, but it has implemented this programme and invested in making it an integral part of the organisation".

The Bay of Palma will live the 53rd edition of the regatta.
The Bay of Palma will live the 53rd edition of the regatta.

More steps for 2024 

The measures adopted in the previous edition will continue in the 53rd Trofeo Princesa Sofia Mallorca by Iberostar, which will be held from 29 March to 6 April. Trueworld has announced the implementation of new initiatives: "This year the organisers want to control water consumption, promote the use of efficient vehicles, share transfers and use local suppliers as much as possible." 

"We will also have two electric boats for the various educational and public activities that will take place at sea: the Stenella, which we already used last year, will be joined by the Blue Circle, the first 100% electric swallow in the Balearic Islands, in a firm commitment to sustainable sailing with a view to decarbonising the sector," the company concluded.   

As Zaynoun points out, the Sofia's journet is progressing in parallel with the philosophy of its main sponsor: "Iberostar itself is a benchmark in terms of environmental awareness, so it is very easy for us to work with them in this environment. Not only are they open to the ideas we propose, but they are particularly proactive in proposing initiatives to reduce the impact of the event, educate current and future generations, and promote changes that help improve our environment". 

The 53rd Trofeo S.A.R. Princesa Sofía Mallorca by Iberostar is jointly organised by the Club Nàutic S'Arenal, the Club Marítimo San Antonio de la Playa, the Real Club Náutico de Palma, the Real Federación Española de Vela and the Federación Balear de Vela, with the support of World Sailing and the main public institutions of the Balearic Islands.