Scottish sports governing bodies 'Moving to Inclusion'. SPORTSSCOTLAND

In partnership with the five UK Sports Councils, sportscotland has launched its new 'Moving to Inclusion' framework; a hub for developing equality, diversity and inclusion practice in sport and physical activity.

The 'Moving to Inclusion' framework is a new programme of support that replaces the 'Equality Standard - A Framework for Sport', following a review and consultation with the sport and physical activity sector across the UK. The framework guides organisations in developing inclusive practice through self-reflection and continuous improvement. 

This newly developed online tool has been created for Scottish Sport Governing Bodies (SGBs) to access at any time and at all levels of sport and physical activity to help them tackle inequalities within their organisation. This programme aims to embed equality, diversity and inclusion by integrating action planning, implementation and review into the day-to-day work of an organisation. 

The adoption of this new framework was a transition from the traditional accreditation programme to this new initiative, which provides additional expert support and vital resources. The nature of the framework also provides adaptability for all organisations that may be at different points on their inclusion journey. The framework aims to break down areas of inclusion so that they are more manageable and can be part of a process for organisations to embed meaningful change.

As part of the new launch, five sports governing bodies in Scotland - scottishathletics, Scottish Student Sport, Tennis Scotland, Scottish Rugby and Scottish Gymnastics - have been involved in piloting the framework within their own organisations. As the framework develops and is adopted by more partners across the sports system, it will help to create a culture and community of learning and improvement. 

'Moving to Inclusion' promotes equality, diversity and inclusion. SPORTSSCOTLAND
'Moving to Inclusion' promotes equality, diversity and inclusion. SPORTSSCOTLAND

The development of this new framework is a key part of sportscotland's journey to improve equality, diversity, and inclusion across the Scottish sports sector, and working in partnership with organisations such as Sporting Equals, Plan4Sport and the other UK Sports Councils has proved vital in getting to this point. 

With the establishment of the Sporting Equals LeaderBoard Academy and the ongoing review of the Ethnic Diversity and Inclusion Policy, this new framework aims to drive meaningful change in practice, tackle inequalities and lead to sustainable improvements in representation and diversity. 

Commenting on the potential of the new framework, Forbes Dunlop, Chief Executive of sportscotland, said: "As the national agency for sport, we are fully committed to ensuring that sport and physical activity is for everyone and no one should be excluded from participating. Our strategy is clear, that inclusion must underpin everything we do, and the launch of 'Moving to Inclusion' is a positive step towards breaking down barriers to participation and creating opportunities for all across the sports system."

"We are committed to playing our part in ensuring that our wider partners, including SGBs, embark on this journey so that everyone who wants to can enjoy the benefits of sport and physical activity. By embracing Moving to Inclusion, the sports system will empower clubs, communities, and individuals to be part of positive change and become truly inclusive," he added.

Colin Hutchison, CEO of Scottish Athletics. SPORTSSCOTLAND
Colin Hutchison, CEO of Scottish Athletics. SPORTSSCOTLAND

Colin Hutchison, CEO of Scottish Athletics, spoke about what they hope to achieve as an organisation through this new framework: "We are delighted to adopt the 'Moving to Inclusion Framework', alongside Scottish Gymnastics, Scottish Student Sport, the Scottish Rugby Union and Tennis Scotland. scottishathletics achieved the Advanced Level of the Equality Standard for Sport in 2019 and since then we have continued to work internally and with the athletics community in Scotland to improve diversity in our sport." 

"The framework is an ideal resource to enable us to assess our progress, identify areas for further improvement and ensure there is an ongoing commitment to improving equality, diversity, and inclusion in athletics in Scotland," he concluded. 

sportscotland is the national agency for sport in Scotland. It is a non-departmental public body accountable to the Scottish Parliament through Ministers, and a distributor of the National Lottery Fund and subject to the National Lottery Distribution Rules. sportscotland invests Scottish Government and National Lottery resources to build a world-class sporting system for everyone in Scotland.