Significant changes in Softball America. GETTY IMAGES

A group of prominent women in softball, including Tara Henry and Jen McIntyre, will lead the investors taking over Softball America, proposing to bring greater professionalism to the organisation.

Tara Henry, head coach of the Great Britain Women's National Softball Team, will join former Division 1 softball coach Jen McIntyre as co-owners of Softball America. 

The women will lead a group of investors along with former DI Softball writer Brady Vernon, who will serve as a national contributor to Softball America. Investors include Atlanta Braves pitcher JR Ritchie, Boston Red Sox Minor League Player of the Year Roman Anthony, and Ian Ritchie and Rhett Parker, who will also be part of the Softball America investment team. 

This new group underscores the importance of investing in women's sports and will strive to make a meaningful impact. The re-launched Softball America will offer all-new membership benefits and incentives unlike any other site, as well as exciting new contests, interactive games, and in-person events.

Jordyn Bahl (#98) of the Oklahoma Sooners. GETTY IMAGES
Jordyn Bahl (#98) of the Oklahoma Sooners. GETTY IMAGES

"I am thrilled to join the new team at Softball America and look forward to the journey ahead. Working with Jen McIntyre, Ian Ritchie, and Rhett Parker is a unique opportunity. I am excited to be part of a group that is willing to invest and grow all aspects of softball," said Tara Henry. 

"Jen's knowledge, experience, and decades of Division I expertise will not only help guide student-athletes through the recruiting process, but will also lend credibility to the recruiting rankings," added Henry, who also welcomed the addition of Brady Vernon, who "will be responsible for covering college softball and providing rankings, analysis and features," she added. 

Co-owner Jen McIntyre said: "We are committed to growing the game and will be the go-to source for media coverage, rankings, recruiting, polling and bracketology. We have assembled a team that is committed to consolidating the market and bringing authenticity and validity to our platform. We are striving for excellence across the board and I am excited to be part of this journey.

USA's pitcher Monica Abbott at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games softball gold medal game. GETTY IMAGES
USA's pitcher Monica Abbott at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games softball gold medal game. GETTY IMAGES

Softball America identifies the current and future stars of the game. With a passionate editorial team composed of experts in travel, collegiate, professional, and international softball, it aims to provide the highest level of expertise and information about the sport. 

The experience and accomplishments of Henry and McIntyre, along with Brady's incisive writing, will be crucial and fundamental to the new era.