WBSC proposes style guide for members. GETTY IMAGES

The WBSC has launched a handbook to serve as a tool for its members. It aims to contribute to a strategic plan 2022-2028. It is a set of guidelines and resources to improve the relationship between members and the governance of the organisation.

The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) this week launched a style guide of sorts, a WBSC Members' Handbook, to help member associations develop in line with the WBSC Strategic Plan 2022-2028. 

It's designed to encourage membership growth and improve the governance of the organisation. It is an online tool that can facilitate the work of members and help improve internal operations at an intense time, just six months before the Olympic Games.

The initiative is part of the WBSC's 2022-2028 strategic plan. The plan aims to maintain the growth trend of recent years. "We are fully committed to supporting all our members in becoming more modern, sustainable and well organised. A solid global movement will ensure the sustainability of our athletes and our ecosystem," said WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari. The statements were published on the organisation's official website.

The WBSC Commissions have produced this interesting and useful Handbook. GETTY IMAGES
The WBSC Commissions have produced this interesting and useful Handbook. GETTY IMAGES

It is nothing more than an attempt to standardise criteria and goes hand in hand with the process of professionalising departments and areas in order to adapt to new trends. It is clear that everything is changing. The WBSC wants to be modern and complete, with everything that varies and changes, especially to be attractive to new generations. Marketing, image, the way it is perceived by the outside world, is important for further growth. The WBSC Commissions, which know each member from the inside, its needs, its wishes, its resources, have been involved in the preparation of this manual. It also contains practical information, advice and guidelines to help ensure that the collective benefits are shared.