Nigeria's referees oppose the decision to leave the IBA.  © Getty Images

The Nigeria Boxing Referees/Judges Association opposes the decision of the former president of the National Boxing Federation of Nigeria (NBF), Kenneth Minimah, to withdraw Nigeria from the International Boxing Association.

This position was made public through a statement signed by Etim Okon, president of the association, last Monday in Abuja after their meeting. According to the statement, the association members also expressed their full support for the appointment of Azania Omo-Agege as the interim president of the NBF. In the statement,

 The Nigeria Boxing Referees/Judges Association, a federating body of the NBF, declared several points through its statement: "That we are still federating under the International Boxing Association (IBA)."

 "That we have not joined nor do we intend to join the so-called 'World Boxing'."

 "That if a few persons parading themselves to represent this association do so, they do that representing their parochial interest and not the generality of this association."

 "At no time was there a meeting or form of plebiscite conducted to ask where we would like to federate under."

 All these ideas, the members of the association unequivocally stated that they were totally and wholly with the administration of Omo-Agege.