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On the upcoming Saturday, 2 December, the UEFA Executive Committee will convene in Hamburg, Germany. The meeting will take place from 10:00 to 13:00 CET just before the final draw of the UEFA EURO 2024.

The forthcoming Saturday will be significant in the UEFA world as the Executive Committee will gather and the draw for the UEFA EURO 2024 will take place. The agenda will also include key points such as the distribution of bonuses for participation, performances, and the final of the UEFA EURO 2024, which will be held in Germany from Friday, 14 June, with the opening match in Munich, until Sunday, 14 July, when the grand final will be contested in Berlin.

Additionally, important topics related to the following will be addressed:

UEFA Nations League 2024/25 – draw for the league phase and fixture list procedures.

UEFA women's club football post-2025 – format, access list, and calendar.

UEFA Women's EURO 2025 – match schedule and tournament dates.

UEFA Futsal EURO 2026 – appointment of the host.

UEFA Women's Futsal EURO 2026 – new format and calendar.

It is worth remembering that the next meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee is scheduled for 7 February 2024, one day before the 48th Ordinary UEFA Congress, in Paris, France.