Qatar Announces a New Mixed Martial Arts Committee. ©

Qatar Announces a New Mixed Martial Arts Committee Members from judo, jiu-jitsu, and wrestling disciplines form the leadership of this body, backed by the Qatar Olympic Committee and prioritizing safety in the sport.

Qatar takes a step forward in safety and rule standardization in the sport with the announcement of a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Committee. The new body, which includes members from martial arts disciplines such as Adel Al Marzouqi from judo, Sheik Ali Bin Jassim from jiu-jitsu, and Hamad Salim Al Hajri from wrestling, has the full support of the Qatar Olympic Committee and the influential former professional boxer Fahad Bin Khalid Al Thani, one of the sport's top fighters in recent decades. 

This creation is nothing more than a desire and a positive intention to continue progressing and growing in the development of the new proposals and demands that modern sports require. The committee aims to standardize the regulations and rules of the sport, ensuring that safety is the priority. Although there have been MMA events in the country until now, the sport has officially been prohibited due to concerns with the regulations. 

That is the premise that they want to change with the creation of this progressive commission that will drive the development of the sport from schools to providing support to top athletes in global competitions, making it accessible to everyone. The goal is to mentor young people in their sports and personal development and, at the same time, make sports the bond. That is the mission of the committee, to be the watchdog to do things right. 

Doha (Qatar). © Getty Images
Doha (Qatar). © Getty Images

The president of the Global Martial Arts Association (GAMMA), Alexander Engelhardt, was invited to the announcement of the committee in Doha and spoke enthusiastically about this development in Qatar. "It is extremely positive that the Qatar Olympic Committee has given its support and backing for the creation of the MMA Committee. GAMMA has been offering its assistance to those involved in setting up the committee, and our entire community looks forward to welcoming our friends from Qatar to our events and working more closely in the future to assist in the growth of MMA in the country."

The Global Martial Arts Association (GAMMA) is the world governing body for Mixed Martial Arts. GAMMA is led by President Alexander Engelhardt and is based in the Netherlands, with nationally recognized federations across five continents.