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Qatar was a perfect setting for giving or taking away. Francesco Bagnaia and Jorge Martín arrived with the title at stake with two races to go. However, from the start, the Spanish rider's bike left him out of the fight, and his riding style didn't help either.

The Italian stuck to Di Giannantonio's wheel, and that was enough for him to finish second, giving him a 21-point lead over Martín, who is already lamenting the loss of the World Championship, not mathematically, but virtually. The Spanish rider crossed the finish line with gestures that explained his bitterness and helplessness. Mechanical problems, with a capricious rear tire, ruined his chances of going into the last race of the championship, disputing the victory in the title.

It was the start that left him out of almost everything. Bagnaia started and took the lead, and the Spanish rider began his ordeal with the bike, which he could barely control and was close to throwing him to the ground. The Italian was first, and Martín was eighth from the start, and only a comeback remained, which would not be the first, but the way Bagnaia was riding made it almost inconceivable. You have to be very strong mentally to push when you are already way out in the first turn. Without tires and without hope, Martín lost positions.

Martin's constant gestures lamenting mechanical problems were significant, and there was no trace of that fast and efficient rider he was throughout the Championship. Ahead, Bagnaia simply avoided making mistakes and so racked up a significant points difference.

Martín only had one hope of getting back into the points and in the race, which was when, in the last lap, with him far from everything, Bagnaia collided with Di Giannantonio and almost both fell. It was a near miss, but if they had fallen, he would have regretted it because he had everything done and could have lost. Di Giannantonio overtook him on the last lap and took away the partial victory in a Qatar GP that Martín will always remember because it may have been the day he lost the championship unless there is a surprise.

Certainly, Sunday turned everything around because on Saturday it was Jorge Martín who won the sprint race, halving the gap in the standings with Bagnaia, at least forcing the final victory to be decided in fifteen days at the Valencia circuit. Still, what happened on Sunday leaves the scenario more open again for the Italian. The ups and downs of a weekend among the contenders to win the MotoGP World Championship title.

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