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The Jordan Olympic Committee (JOC) has initiated a campaign entitled 'Our Sport, Our Health' to commemorate World Diabetes Day, celebrated on November 14, 2023, offering free screenings across the entire kingdom.

The International Diabetes Foundation is highly aware of the need to eradicate the onset of the disease. It reports a 14.8% prevalence of diabetes in adults in Jordan, meaning that over 880,000 people in the country are likely suffering from the disease. The global average is below 10%, making the impact of diabetes more severe in Jordan.

The JOC is committed to promoting sports and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in the country. Therefore, it will collaborate on this initiative with MedLabs, the primary provider of diagnostic laboratory testing in Jordanian healthcare, and in association with the Military Consumer Establishment, to provide free testing at seven different locations throughout the country. 

Focusing on regions with limited access to organized sports and healthcare, each of the seven locations will be able to offer 250 free screenings and a discount voucher for the HbA1c diabetes test at MedLabs branches throughout Jordan. The campaign will include informative brochures about healthy nutritional programs and the benefits of participating in physical activities to help prevent or reduce the risk of diabetes. 

The goal is for the population to understand what they must do to prevent the disease's onset, and how to treat the disease once it has appeared. "The Jordan Olympic Committee is committed to using our platform to help Jordanians across the country understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and the role that participating in sports can play in achieving this," said Rana Al-Saeed, Secretary-General of the JOC

"We are delighted to launch the 'Our Health, Our Sport' campaign on World Diabetes Day to support and raise awareness about the concerning number of people in Jordan suffering from the disease. While the 1750 free screenings we are offering in regions throughout the Kingdom will help identify those already suffering the disease, the campaign will help drive home the importance of sports and the benefits that they bring", he added. 

"This project would not have been possible without our partners at MedLabs and the Military Consumer Establishment, and we thank them for their help and cooperation," concluded the Secretary-General of the JOC.