The #TO25 brain storm project was presented at the CCUM ©FISU

The Organising Committee for the Turin 2025 World University Winter Games attended the Conference of Italian University Colleges of Merit at the Einaudi College Library, where they presented a set of activities, including the #TO25 brain storm project.

Paolo Verri, the Turin 2025 head of the cultural programme and special projects, introduced the topic to the delegates, as the International University Sports Federation aim to continue the network of relations established when they visited Brussels to promote the challenge of minds for universities around the world.

Alessandro Ciro Sciretti, the President of Turin 2025, expressed the importance of the Winter Games taking place in the Italian city.

"We want the Torino 2025 Games to be a great opportunity for university students from all over the world to get to know Turin as a city with a strong university vocation and to visit all of our Piedmont, Land of Sport," said Sciretti.

Turin 2025 is set to take place from January 13 to 23 in just under two years, as the competition will have 12 sports being performed.