Mexico's Secretary of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard, left, and Mary Jose Alcala, Mexican Olympic Committee President, met with IOC President Thomas Bach in Lausanne ©Mexico Olympic Committee

Mexico has declared its intent to host the 2036 or 2040 Summer Olympics during a meeting with International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach.

A letter outlining the country's plans was given to Bach during a meeting with Mexican Olympic Committee (COM) President Mary José Alcalá and Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico Marcelo Ebrard, who visited the IOC's headquarters in Lausanne.

Ebrard tweeted about the visit saying: "I had the honour of delivering to Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, Mexico's letter of intent to organise the Olympic Games in 2036-40.

"Mary José Alcalá, President of the Mexican Olympic Committee and four-time athlete in the Olympic Games, was present."

The COM's website reported that Ebrard told Bach: "This initiative is motivated by the historical moment that Mexico is experiencing, in which the best values of our people have been revalued and our society has become more participatory."

José Alcalá said that "the organisation of the Olympic Games would promote the practice of sport in our country to another level", with Ebrard adding he was hopeful this would help combat violent behaviour. 

In response, Bach thanked Mexico for its interest in organising a future edition of the Games and offered support and advice on different stages of the candidacy.

An extract of the letter published by Vivo Noticias reads: "As you know, Mexico has 129 million inhabitants, it is the fifteenth largest economy in the world, it has a wide biodiversity and it is the cradle of great ancient civilisations and of contemporary Mexican civilisation.

"Mexico has, in various cities and regions, the sports, economic, and hotel infrastructure to celebrate successful, austere, and universal Olympic Games that promote the values of peace, brotherhood, and justice in what we believe."

During the meeting Ebrard and Alcalá announced the formation of a committee to support Mexico’s candidacy.

Also participating in the meeting were the director of Future Olympic Games of the IOC Jacqueline Barrett, the representative of Mexico before the United Nations and organisations based in Geneva Francisca Méndez, the head of the Office of the Secretary Daniel Millán and the general secretary of the COM Mario García de la Torre.

The COM first started talks with the IOC in November 2022 over the feasibility of a bid to host the Olympics.

Mexico’s declaration comes in the year which marks celebrations of 100 years of the Olympic Movement in the nation, with a celebratory event held at the COM’s headquarters in Mexico City in January to mark the milestone.

Mexico hosted the Summer Olympics in 1968, and has participated at every Summer Games since 1924, winning 13 gold, 24 silver and 36 bronze medals.