The GEF's strategic framework targets Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028 ©Getty Images

The Gymnastics Ethics Foundation (GEF) has introduced new safeguarding standards aimed at supporting and protecting abuse survivors and whistleblowers.

Established by the International Gymnastics Federation in 2019, the GEF was a response to a series of abuse scandals in the sport and serves as its investigations agency.

The six-year Gymnasts 2028 strategy framework targets action in the build-up to the next two Olympic Games, based on the experience of its first four years in operation and more than 135 cases.

It covers the priority areas of harm prevention, discipline and adjudication, capacity development, growth, and value generation.

Planned activities include the support and protection of survivors and whistle-blowers, developing relationships and resources with athlete-led organisations, sport bodies and Governments and providing guidance on athlete and child rights.

GEF President Micheline Calmy-Rey insisted that this would ensure it can fulfil its aims.

The Gymnasts 2028 strategic framework is based on five priority areas ©GEF
The Gymnasts 2028 strategic framework is based on five priority areas ©GEF

"Gymnasts 2028 outlines an ambitious vision that the GEF seeks to achieve underpinned by a strong, relevant, agile strategic framework," Calmy-Rey said.

"The GEF Council wholeheartedly established and adopted this framework focusing on our collective responsibilities to create a safe, thriving, and impactful sport for all gymnasts to participate and compete in throughout their lives.

"The time is now, and the actions needed are clear.

"Taking no action is not an option."

Director Alex McLin added: "Our approach is values-based and rooted in upholding and practising international standards and best practices.

"It aims to build trust, attain legitimacy, uphold justice, nurture innovation and to be evolutionary."

The GEF plans to use Gymnasts 2028 as the basis for an annual activity plan, communicating progress and accountability.