Alberta has been announced as the Commonwealth Sport Canada's preferred bidder for the 2030 Commonwealth Games ©Alberta 2030

Commonwealth Sport Canada (CSC) has pledged its support behind a potential bid for Alberta to stage the 2030 Commonwealth Games.

The Canadian province has been announced as CSC’s preferred bidder in the hope of presenting a formal application to the Commonwealth Games Federation by August.

Calgary and Edmonton form part of Canada’s latest push to host the Games after plans for a Hamilton bid were shelved due to a lack of Government support.

CSC President Claire Carver-Dias said she was "thrilled" to explore the possibility of staging the Games in Alberta.

"The Commonwealth Games have been a vehicle for growth,” said Carver-Dias.

"Communities who have hosted the Commonwealth Games have benefited from sustainable impacts and legacies such as new jobs, increased tourism and new and upgraded recreational facilities for the communities to use for generations to come.

"Alberta will likewise benefit from great sustainability legacies.

CSC President Claire Carver-Dias believes the Commonwealth Games can bring
CSC President Claire Carver-Dias believes the Commonwealth Games can bring "great sustainable legacies" to Alberta ©Alberta 2030

"The organisation of the Commonwealth Games provides us with an opportunity to build new connections and friendships across all societies.

"Canada and Alberta are leaders in sport and together we can bring the Commonwealth Games back to Canada."

Canada has hosted the Commonwealth Games on five previous occasions including the inaugural edition in Hamilton in 1930.

Other Canadian hosts include Montreal in 1942, Vancouver in 1954, Edmonton in 1978 and Victoria in 1994.

Roger Jackson, President and chief executive of Alberta 2030 Commonwealth Games Cooperation, said work had been ongoing for more than three years over the possibility of launching a bid.

"Today, we are very excited to enter the next phase of bid exploration and this one involves collaboration with all orders of Government, working with Commonwealth Games Canada and the Commonwealth Games Federation and all Albertans," said Jackson.

"We have learned in Canada that hosting a major multi-sport event offers a very rare opportunity, perhaps once in a decade or two to help to achieve very significant economic, social and cultural, health and wellness and many other Government priorities.

"The Games will invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Alberta communities and in the weeks ahead the Government partners including the Government of Canada will define what exactly this economic opportunity and benefit will look like."

Alberta 2030 President and chief executive Roger Jackson is aiming to launch an official bid by August ©Alberta 2030
Alberta 2030 President and chief executive Roger Jackson is aiming to launch an official bid by August ©Alberta 2030

Chief Roy Whitney, of the Tsuut’ina Nation, City of Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi, City of Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek and Alberta Minister of Culture Jason Luan have thrown their support behind exploring a bid for the 2030 Commonwealth Games.

Luan announced that the Alberta Government would commit up to CAD2 million (£1.2 million/$1.4 million/€1.37 million) to the feasibility study.

"We have a successful record of hosting major international multi-sport events," said Luan.

"We have the infrastructure, the resources and the spirit of Albertans that makes sport a big part of our culture.

"The Games will bring a significant boost to Alberta’s booming economy, creating additional jobs and supporting the tourism sector that is an integral part of Alberta."

Edmonton’s Commonwealth Stadium, which was built for the 1978 Games, has been mooted as a venue that could benefit from a revamp.

Jackson said there were also plans to upgrade Lindsay Park Sports Centre in Calgary to potentially host aquatic events and create an indoor cycling track in Edmonton.

"We are not in a position today to discuss the final budget, that will be determined by Government partners who we are just beginning to engage with," added Jackson.

"I think we are going to have to wait several weeks now before we have concluded which facilities that will be renovated or newly built.

"This will be determined by our municipal partners."