David Beckham is part-owner of Guild Esports which has launched its own studio production house ©Getty Images

Guild Esports, co-owned by former England footballer David Beckham has launched a new production arm Guild Studios "which it believes will help companies connect with esports gaming" and "provide limitless opportunities to champion new and creative forms of engagement.

Guild Esports hopes its new production arm will target those born in the late 1990s and the first decade of the new millennium.

"If there is one thing that young people have in common, it is that they play games," Guild Esports senior vice-president of creative and strategy Nick Westwood said.

"At a time when brands are pushing to reach future purchasers in youth demographics, gaming is the one entertainment sector they can guarantee resonance.

"Guild Studios has been created to provide our expertise, audience and growing delivery team to brands and media owners."

The company, which is co-owned by Beckham, promises "end-to-end creative services, production and consultation in esports marketing directly to brands, agencies and media owners."

The Guild Esports company part-owned by David Beckham have launched a studio to market esports ©Guild Studios
The Guild Esports company part-owned by David Beckham have launched a studio to market esports ©Guild Studios

A production headquarters has been set up at Shoreditch in the East End of London.

This includes content and editing suites and streaming rooms.

"Creating new revenue streams and generating value for investors are the company’s key objectives for 2023," Guild Studios chief executive Jasmine Skee said.

"Guild Studios enables us to monetise our vast in-house expertise in esports by supporting brand owners and sponsors with innovative campaigns, branded content and advertising to a range of companies looking to grow their engagement."

The campaigns are intended to connect with younger audiences more effectively than traditional advertising. 

The company claims that 94 per cent of Generation Alpha, anyone born after 2010, "consider themselves gaming enthusiasts."

They also insist that Generation-Z consumers, those born in the mid to late 1990s, spend 53 per cent of their time engaging with gaming intellectual property (IP) "in other ways than playing, such as watching tournaments or content creators."

Last weekGuild Esports were closely involved with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S23 camera and mobile device at the Westfield White City Shopping Centre in West London with what was described as "an influencer talent-led event."

This was followed at the weekend by a "Roll-Up" Mobile Esports day at the weekend to demonstrate the gaming capability of the new device.

"This is the third time they have partnered with us since becoming a major sponsor in June 2021, highlighting the strength of our value proposition and ability to engage with otherwise hard-to-reach Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha consumers," Skee added.

The company believes its links to academy, college and professional teams will give them an advantage in creating effective campaigns for companies across the world.