The WTT Series calendar from January through to July has been released ©World Table Tennis

South Africa, India, Thailand, Jordan and Nigeria are all set to stage World Table Tennis (WTT) Series events for the first time in the 2023 season calendar released up to July.

Durban in South Africa is due to host the first event of next year from January 10 to 15 with a Contender event, followed by another of the same ranking in Qatar's capital Doha.

Jordan is set to stage a WTT Series event for the first time from February 6 to 12 with a Contender tournament in its capital Amman.

It is then set to be joined by Goa in India in making its debut as a WTT Series host with a Star Contender event from February 27 to March 5.

The first Grand Smash of the season is due to take place in Singapore as it did last year, with dates of March 11 to 19 scheduled.

With COVID-19 travel restrictions easing in China, the country is set to host a Series event in a city still to be determined from March 27 to April 9.

Bangkok is then set to become the first Thai city to host a WTT Series event from April 23 to 29, before attention turns to the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) World Table Tennis Championship Finals due to be held in Durban from May 20 to 28.

Three Contender events are due to be held in June in Lagos, Tunis and Zagreb, before Slovenia's capital Ljubljana hosts its maiden WTT tournament with a Star Contender in July.

In addition, WTT Feeder events in Doha, Amman, Düsseldorf and Antalya are scheduled in the first half of next year,

WTT is the ITTF's commercial arm launched in 2020, and the chair of its Board Liu Guoliang is excited at the calendar for next year.

Durban is due to host the first WTT Series event of 2023 in January, and the ITTF World Table Tennis Championship Finals in May ©Getty Images
Durban is due to host the first WTT Series event of 2023 in January, and the ITTF World Table Tennis Championship Finals in May ©Getty Images

"World Table Tennis's future shines ever brighter in 2023, further demonstrating the global influence of this sport we love," Liu said.

"I hope more cities around the world, especially those beyond the traditional powerhouses, will play host to WTT events, experience the charm of table tennis through that and ultimately attract more people to participate in the sport.

"This has always been our most fundamental goal."

ITTF Group chief executive Steve Dainton is encouraged about the sport's prospects for 2023.

"The first two years of World Table Tennis provided a learning experience, and more importantly a launchpad for the future growth that begins now," he said.

"As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to recede, the calendar for World Table Tennis will continue to grow.

"Providing a worldwide, cutting-edge experience is the goal of World Table Tennis, and this year will show just how much we can deliver."

The WTT Series features Contender and Star Contender events, Champions events for the best 32 men's and women's singles players and Grand Smashes, concluding with the end-of-season Cup Finals.