Shirts worn by Dutch players at the FIFA World Cup will go to auction ©Getty Images

The Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) has announced that it will auction shirts worn by the men's national team at the FIFA World Cup to support migrant workers in Qatar.

The Netherlands played their opening match today, beating Senegal 2-0, and are now due to face Ecuador on Friday (November 25) before taking on hosts Qatar on November 29.

It is not the first time the KNVB has held an auction as it raised more than €50,000 (£43,000/$51,000) from the sale of shirts worn by the Dutch team in the UEFA Nations League matches against Poland and Belgium.

That money will also go towards benefitting Migrant workers.

The KNVB said it decided to stage the auction during the World Cup after consulting players.

Dutch captain Virgil van Dijk said it had "not escaped anyone’s notice" that holding the event in Qatar has had a "huge impact" on migrant workers.

"They have worked on stadiums, infrastructure and hotel accommodation under very harsh conditions," said van Dijk.

Dutch captain Virgil van Dijk hopes that the auction will contribute to change in Qatar ©Getty Images
Dutch captain Virgil van Dijk hopes that the auction will contribute to change in Qatar ©Getty Images

"We will remember that during all our activities there.

"It is clear to everyone that those conditions really need to improve.

"We hope that our presence will contribute to the changes currently underway.

"Much has already been done from the boardrooms to improve the situation of migrant workers.

"But we also want to make a concrete contribution from the dressing room.

"Firstly, by drawing attention to their situation here on this world stage, and also by using the proceeds from the auction of our match shirts to co-fund the ongoing improvements."

The KNVB said the money raised from the auctioned shirts will be used to provide legal assistance and boost personal development for the migrant workers as well as fund social activities including football.

The national governing body has long criticised Qatar's human rights records as Dutch players wore shirts with the message "Football Supports Change" in a World Cup qualifier against Latvia in March last year.

Earlier this month, the KNVB said it had yet to receive a "convincing answer" from FIFA that it will compensate migrant workers who have suffered in the build-up to the World Cup in Qatar.

It claimed that FIFA had not made "any concrete commitments" about the compensation fund and a migrant working centre that a UEFA working group had "specifically requested".

The KNVB backed down on having the Dutch captain wear a "OneLove" armband today in the face of a threat of FIFA punishment.